I have been commissioned to make a donations box for the Royal Cornwall Museum. I went there today and took photos of their most popular exhibits.
It’s a real mix of stuff from around the world and it’s going to be hard to come up with an idea that ties all these different things together and represents the museum in an original and entertaining way.


The Little Faun by Charles Sims, RA
 PICT04121 (20)
The Cornish Giant Anthony Payne. He measured 7 feet and 2 inches at the age of 25.
Potters making strange birds. This is an automaton in itself.
PICT04121 (4)
The Egyptian Mummy. It’s rare to see one without bandages.This is a very popular exhibit.
when the small handle at the base is turned,the camel lowers it’s head and tea is poured from it’s mouth. There are containers for milk and sugar.Little is known about it but it is thought to originate from India.
This Dragon used to adorn the roof of a now demolished public house.
The first railway carrage ever.This one was pulled by a horse