Today I made the base for my automata for The Royal Cornwall  museum. I kept it large as there are a lot of cams and levers to fit inside it and I don’t want to sacrifice movement due to lack of space. The cams are driven by a 24v synchronised 6 rmp motor geared down via pulleys to about 2 rpm. The automata will perform the following actions (I hope).

The Cornish giant will raise the Cornish flag above a large packing crate. When he lowers the flag a small faun will be revealed standing on the crate. The mummy will react with pleasure and raise and lower his tea cup three times. The Cornish giant may look up to the havens as if in thanks. The Cornish Giant will then raise the flag again, to conceal the faun, and when he lowers the flag the faun will have disappeared.

The packing case will have an arrangement of mirrors which will make it appear empty (a standard magic illusion) and the faun will disappear, via a concealed hole in the top of the packing case, and be hidden behind these mirrors.