Today I fitted the little faun into the wooden crate and adjusted it so that it moved up and down smoothly. I then painted the crate and added some copper nails.
Later I made two chairs for the Mummy and the Cornish Giant to sit on. Originally the Mummy was going to sit on another, smaller  wooden crate, but I later decided that as there are three different sized figures, two identical chairs would give a sense of uniformity and scale.
I also made the Mummies head. This was made in two halves so that a piece of fishing line, attached to the edge of the cup could pass through the Mummies head and around a pulley. When the line is pulled the cup is raised up to the Mummies lips and when the line is let go the cup returns to the saucer under its own weight.


The faun in the crate. the plate he is holding hides the hole in the top of the crate.


The white plastic is the back of the mirrors.


The faun revealed.


One of two chairs.


The two halves of the Mummies head.


On the left side of the head you can see the route that the nylon fishing line will take.


The wooden crate without it’s mirror.