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Exeter Museum

This automata was commissioned by Exeter Museum. It feature some of their most popular exhibits, which come to life in the museum storeroom.

Ralph Steadman ‘Extinct Boids’

Ralph Steadman was kind enought to dedicate a drawing to me in his new book 'Extinct Boids'   I returned the favour by making an automata based on the illustration and giving it to him as a gift.

John Rylands Libary Donation Box

This donations box automata was commisioned the John Rylands Libary in Manchester, UK. The automata  features Enriqueta Rylands, who used her large fortune and 20 years of her time in the foundation of the Libary. Mrs Rylands is taking tea with one of the stone dragons that decorate the libary building. [...]

The Flying Riever

 I was commissioned by the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle to produce a life size automata is suspended from the roof of their entrance atrium. The automata acts as signpost, directing visitors to the various galleries, shop, and possibily the toilets. My first concept was 'The Flying Museum Guide'. Although the museum liked the [...]

Tinkering Automata

 I was  commissioned by my good friends at The Exploratorium,San francisco to make two automata. One  in wood and metal and the other, based on the same design,  in card, and sold as a do it yourself automata kit.

The Fisherman’s Tale

 A very nice man contacted me via my web site and asked if I could make him an automata. He is a keen sailor and fisherman and wanted a piece based on this subject.As I am a keen sailor and fisherman, I was only too happy to accept his commission.

Ghandi’s Shoes

 Commissioned by an American collector and friend. See how I made it on my blog

Smeatons Tower Donations Box

In Plymouth there is a beautiful red and white striped lighthouse called Smeatons Tower. It is now a museum and they asked me to make them a donations box. They only had a small budget so the automata is quite simple. It will be protected with a perspex cover which they are supplying. [...]

Brians Brilliant Bike

I was commissioned by Falmouth Art Gallery to make an automata in memory of their late curator, Brian Stewart, who sadly died just before Christmas. Brian was a personal friend of mine and although I felt a heavy weight of responsibility, I pulled out all the stops and tried to create something that would have made him smile.You can see [...]