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Little Big City Berlin

My design and fabrication work on five interactive automata. . This work was commissioned by Merlin International for their new attraction 'Little Big City Berlin'.


A private commission,

Diesel punk Bird

A private commission.

The Lazy Gardner

A donations box commissioned by Amersham Museum,  

The Eccentric Garden

Commissioned by Diarmuind Gavin to be displayed alongside his new Eccentric garden in Ireland

The Foundling Museum

A donation box commissioned by the Foundling Museum in London.

Italian Orchestra

Private Commission [Italian Orchestra]

Chat sur un Bycycle automaton

Private commission.

Exploratorium Dieselpunk Pegasus Automata

Commissioned by the Exploratorium Museum in SanFransisco

Ghost of Gone Birds automata

I worked with the UK cartoonist Ralph Steadman on these bird automata for an Exhibition called 'The Ghost of Gone Birds'.