Project Description

The Olive Bike was commissioned by The Eden Project in 2002. It’s purpose is to tell the story of olives in an entertaining way.
It is made from a real bicycle with an articulated wooden rider and took three months to make. It is constructed from wood, metal, plastic and cloth. An electric motor drives the bikes wheels, turning the pedals, which in turn move the rider’s legs.
Other moving parts , which include an olive press, a moving chicken and two moving pyramids, are attached to the bike.
Here are some facts about olive oil.
The early Egyptians used olive oil as a lubricant to help move the great stones used to build the pyramids.
Olive oil is said to be an antidote to snake venom.
The olive is one of the foremost Mediterranean crop plants.
Olive oil helps to lower blood cholesterol and forms part of the Mediterranean diet, which is associated with good health and a longer life expectancy.
Olive oil was used as a fuel in oil lamps in the homes and temples of antiquity.