Today I made the trick box which will conceal the faun. I used mirrored plastic sheet instead or mirrored glass as it’s easy to cut but more importantly, the mirrored finish is on the face of the plastic. In glass the mirroring is applied to the back of the glass and that makes it hard to get a seamless join when the mirror is fitted inside the crate.
Originally my idea was to have some Greek urns packed inside the crate but now I think it illusion is more effective if the crate is left empty.
I am thinking of having another, smaller crate beside this one which will contain a mummified cat. I would like the cat to move but I have run out of space underneath to fit any more levers. I am hoping that I may be able to connect to an existing lever to give some extra movement.


Here is how the trick works.


With the top fitted


The wooden dowel represents a greek urn (one dowel, one reflection)

The addition of some straw helps hide the join. The randomness of the straw and it’s reflection makes it hard for our brains to form a pattern (a give away line).


For me the empty box works best. The mirror still has it’s protective film attached .I can’t remove this until the painting stage so these effects are not 100% .
The wire mesh makes the illusion more convincing but it looks a little like a hampster cag