Platform Lift

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Work is progressing well on the platform lift. The actual lift is raised and lowered by motors which are hidden in the legs. To make my version [...]

Platform Lift

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More prototyping, this time to get the movment for the man and cat, who are testing the carrying capacity of the lift. I have also made a [...]

Platform Lift

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As The platform lift has a complicated action, I have constructed a wooden prototype, which I can  can adjust it to get a good, smooth movments. The [...]

Platform Lift

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I have been commissioned by Access Lift Consultants to make an automata to publicise  a very clever product that allows people in wheel chairs to accend stairs.Movie [...]

Craft and Design Awards

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Please vote for me in this years Craft and Design selected awards. You can vote here Thank you #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { [...]

Trade Fairs

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My wooden automata kits will be on show at two trade fais, details below