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The Malfunctioning Robot

When  it came into my head to make a collapsing robot my first [...]

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Spice Girl Shoe Making Machine.

Video of the shoe Spice Girl shoe maker.I have tried to give the visual impression of lot's of [...]

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Northampton Shoe Museum

After a lot of faffing about, I have finaly come up with an [...]

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Eden Project

my automata donations box for the eden Project has now been painted and re-assembled.I [...]

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Eden Collection box

Below is a video of the compleated automata in action. Now I have [...]

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Eden donations box

I have decided to change the gardener into a little Cornish piskie. I [...]

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Eden Gardener

Here is the gardener being kissed by the queen bee.

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Eden Artwork

The Eden project wanted the base of their collection box to be decorated with painting depicting a [...]

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More Bugs

I have decided to add more bugs, a spider and a dragonfly. The [...]

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Eden Project. The ladybird and queen bee.

The ladybird is pushed out from under the flowerpot by a thin wire [...]

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