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My Daughter Dora

Not only does Dora make fantastic automata, she also plays the piano amazingly [...]

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Estonian Dragon

I have been asked by the Puppet Theatre in Tallin, Estonia, to design [...]

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death Drop

Death Drop is progressing well if slowly. The lift is working very and [...]

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Death Drop

After spending two day trying to work out which wire went where (I [...]

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Death Drop

I have started to make a new machine for my good friend Marvin [...]

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Hell Hound Harley

Despite being a despatch rider for ten years, mostly spent in  rain, I have [...]

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The Devil has ridden out

My first car automata is finished, and I have already had a few [...]

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The Devil Rides Out

Today I put all the painted and polished bits back together. There was [...]

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The Devil Rides Out

Today has been painting and polishing. And listening to the radio.

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The Devil continues to Ride Out

Today I made a rather fetching rubber hat for the Devil, some goggles, [...]

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