The Fishermans Tale

A very nice man contacted me via my web site and asked if I could make him an automata. He is a keen sailor and fisherman and wanted a piece based on this subject.As I am a keen sailor and fisherman, I was only too happy to accept his commission.

The base and crank support.
The crank. The metal rod will be fixed into the base of the fish.
I have attached a pulley to the end of the crank. This will operate the fishermans winch .
The handle and a bit of reduction gearing.
The top is screwed on. I have added a nylon bearing to help the metal fish supporting rod move smoothley.
To state the bloody obvious, the fish. It is inspired by a drawing from the great Ronald Searl,from his book 'Zoodiack'.
These metel rods will support the boat.
This linkage moves the fishes head up and down.
The boat is attached to the fish via the winch piviot..The distance between the winch and the crank remain constantt, so a drive belt can be employed with no streaching.Do the math.
The fishes eyes (a delcasy in Greece), are moved by this lever.
A linkage is attached from the eye lever to the front of the boat. I make this up as I go along.
The Fisherman. Inspired by a sketch from the GREAT Roland Emmitt.
The hat brim and moustach are made from card.
The fisherman in his boat, ready to land his prize catch.
The fishes pectoral fin. By a happy accident, this is positioned near to the winch drive belt ,so I have added a pulley to male it revolve in an amusing way.
The winch drive belt kisses the fin pulley and there is enought friction to make it revolve.
The pectorial fin in place.
A Seagull 4hp two stroke. These were origanally designed as 'disposable' outboards for the allied beach landings during World War 2. I have one and disposable is the operative word. they do look nice though.
The outboard in place. A certain amount of artistic licence has been employed.
One of two fenders.
An elasticatd line runs from a hook in the fishes mouth to the winch
An irresistable worm.
The finished piece. Next paintig and then video.

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