Rousseaus Tiger

This cut out automata kit was commissioned by my publishers, Arcturus Publishing .
It will be sold at The National Gallery in London. This is my second kit for the Gallery.

The base.
The crank-slider. This part will connect the Tiger's body to the crank.
The first two parts of the crank glued together.
The crank passes through the slider but is NOT glued, as it needs to move.
The compleated crank. It works on the same principal as a car crankshaft, raising and dropping the connecting rod
A support for the crank has been glued to the the base.
The Crank has been fitted into the rear crank support (not glued), an the front crank support has been glued into place.
The base top has been glued into place. note the 'front' markings
This sleeve helps the crank slider more more smoothly. It is hinged so that it can move back and forth.
The handle.
The Tigers body
The Tigers body
TheTigers body Has been glued onto the crank-slider.
These two tabs (fom the crank slider) are glued onto the top o the Tigers body
The Tigers leg has been glued to a shaft. The shaft is pushed through the body and tail.
The other leg has been glued in place.
The Tigers upper and lower jaw.
The compleated head. The head is pivoted so that the mouth can open and close.
The front leg.
The other leg has been glud into place.
This linkage operates the front legs.
This linkage operates the back legs.
And this linkage pulls the Tigers head open.
The lower legs are glued on.
The lower legs are glued on.
This folage disguises the leg linkages.
The foreground and background has been glued on.
My first design idea.
Design artwork submited to The National Gallery.
First moving prototype.I always find that the first prototype has an excitement that the finished piece lacks. this is very annoying

Any chance you can persuade

Any chance you can persuade Arcturus to re-publish some of your older designs that don't appear to be available anymore such as Tower Bridge, the Artist, the sculptor, the guillotine to name but a few