Skiing Elk

Another card automata kit design for Evergreen International.

The base parts.
The base glued together.
The crank and slider.
The crank and slider.
A washer has been added.
A washer has been added.
The crank fitted (but not glued,it has to move)
A washer holds the crank in place.
The handle has been glued in place.
The top of the base has been glued on.
This part supports the slider as it moves up and down.It is hinged so that it can move from side to side.
This part supports the back of the crank.
The Elk's neck and body.
The Elk's body has been glued onto the slider.
A square rod of card has been glued into a square hole in one of the Elks' arms....
it passes through a square washer, the Elk's body, and another square washer.
The arm has been glued onto the rod. A card disc hides the join.
The back legs are fixed in the same way except that they do not have any washers fitted.
This joint allows the skis to move.
Both skis have been fitted.
This card linkage moves the Elk's arms.
The Elk's head.
The Elk's head is balanced on the neck. This allows it to move a little.
The backround.
The compleated automata.
The compleated automata.