Welcome to my Automata web-site.
After studying graphic design at Essex University I went to work in an art studio in Newcastle but left after only six weeks suffering from extreme boredom.
I travelled to Finland and took a job delivering newspapers but as the temperature was minus 20 degrees I decided to come back to the UK to find warmer employment.
I became a motorcycle dispatch rider (a little warmer). During this time I started to make and sell jewellery and later I saw a TV program about automata. I found the mixture of art, craft, graphics and movement very exciting and it wasn’t long before I made my first piece.
I took it to a shop in London called ‘Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’,which specialised in modern automata and is now sadly closed (they still have a web-site, see links) and the owner, the legendary Sue Jackson, said she liked it and would try to sell it for me. it sold in a few days .
I gave up dispatch riding after ten years and started to make a living from my automata, working with CMT.
That was 20 years ago and my fascination with automata has never left me. I love to experiment with new styles and materials and to find new ways of creating movement. I never aim my work at a particular age group, and it makes me happy that both children and adults enjoy my work. I am always happy to accept new commissions both large and small.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.